December Content Shoot

We’re heading downtown! (This will be a different location than our shoot in January)

December 12th!

Cost: $75

I am limiting each hour to 4 slots, so there will be multiple shooting blocks that morning starting at 8 am. Please indicate your time preference.


How many images will I receive? A typical gallery from these shoots averages around 50 images (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the shoot and what you need). I will go through and select the best images of you, and weed out the images that are exactly the same. If you love the silly outtakes let me know! I will absolutely through some of the goofiest in for you! This saves you time when you are selecting what you need for your brand and content. Chat with me if you have a specific need here, but as I get to know you better, I start to get an idea of what is most useful for your brand.

How many outfits should I bring? This is really up to you! If you are a speedy changer, and only need a couple shots in each outfit, you’ll want to bring more outfits. I have some clients who are lightening fast, and we can get through up to 10, but others like to have variety of shots in the same outfits and may do only 3. You might find that bringing easy accessories or add-ons may be the way to go!

Can I bring props? Yes! This gives you something “to do!” Props might include a notebook, coffee, or other item that specifically relates to your business. Having trouble thinking about what to bring? Let’s chat about what your message may be, and we can come up with some brand related props. Please avoid props that leave a mess (confetti, etc.). I try to leave our locations as we found them.

Can I bring my dog? Absolutely! If they are comfortable with all people, and you/they won’t be stressed out in a variety of situations. Most of our content shoot participants are big time dog lovers, and your dog might end up on a few social media feeds! Having an extra handler may also be very helpful for this. Please let me know ahead of time if you’re planning on having your pup joining us as I will only allow one dog per hour time slot due to safety concerns.

We move pretty fast so don’t forget to bring accessories, products, and anything that you might be able to add on to an outfit quickly.

Please read the following before signing up:

-Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of our shoot.

-Due to time constraints, each slot is limited to one person, per sign-up. You may bring another person to assist with outfit changes or to just cheer you on, but they cannot be included in the images.

-Please see above about non-refundable $25 deposit. This must be paid in order to secure your slot. This deposit will be put towards your $75 shoot cost.

-There are 4 slots per hour available for this event. This will allow for plenty of on camera time.

-Images will be shot in a neutral shooting style (think light and bright). You may edit the images in any way you wish, and apply your own filters. If you would like for me to apply additional edits to your images, there will be an additional charge.

I can’t wait to shoot with you on December 12th!

To hold your slot: a non-refundable $25 deposit can be paid via Venmo (nicolebowmanphotography) or PayPal ( The deposit will be applied to your shoot cost, and the remaining balance will be due at the time of shoot.

Want to see more of my work? Check it out HERE. You can also contact me via email:

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