The Beckwith Ranch

Ever since I was a little kid I have spent my summers, and many of my school vacations, in Westcliffe, Colorado visiting my dad. During my time there I had heard many stories of the historic Beckwith Ranch.



Growing up, I had driven past it more times than I could possibly count, but I never once stopped to take a look around. Much of this is due to the fact that it was privately owned, and closed to the public until just a few years ago. Now, the ranch is open to visitors, and is even available for weddings and events.


The original homestead was built in 1869, but in 1974 the two story mansion was built. The details of the ranch’s history can be found here.




The local history of this ranch continues well beyond its original owners, and my own dad has stories about his time working cattle on the ranch, and the dinners he ate in the large mansion.

IMG_3530 IMG_3529IMG_3537

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