St. Elmo, Colorado


In Chaffee County, Colorado, there is a ghost town called St. Elmo. To get there, you must travel down a dirt road, next to a creek, into the mountains.



The town was originally founded in 1880, and served as a mining town for gold and silver. At one time, there was a population of nearly 2000 people.

IMG_3338 IMG_3354

IMG_3434 IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3369


There was once a train that ran through the town, but in 1922, the tracks, and the town, were abandoned.


There are no longer any full-time residents of the town, only some summer cabin dwellers. There is a small general store, but this is the only building that is open to the public.


I was amazed at how well-preserved this little town was.

IMG_3384 IMG_3386 IMG_3391 IMG_3394

There is a 6-mile four-wheel drive pass that will take you to the town of Tin Cup. I have plans for my next trip to make it up this way!


Thank you to the St. Elmo General Store for the history behind this town, and the delicious ice cream sandwich!


This town was worth visiting if even for the drive alone! Below is an image taken near the Mount Princeton Hot Springs on the way up the mountain. IMG_3470

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