Abandoned Buildings of Colorado #1

As I started to plan my travels to Colorado, I began to think about photography opportunities. I have always been fascinated with abandoned buildings, and each time I stopped to look at one, I loved to picture the lives that may have once been lived inside. I would wonder what caused this building to no longer be lived in. Each building has a fascinating story to tell, but usually, it is only up to the viewers imagination, and the items left behind to tell the tale.


This is a house on the Million Dollar Highway between Silverton and Ouray, Colorado. It is located directly across the highway from an old mine.


The abandoned vehicle, and electrical work inside the house indicate that it might be from the 1950’s or 1960’s.

IMG_1552 IMG_1550 IMG_1548 IMG_1547

The scenery around this building is absolutely breathtaking.



IMG_1526 IMG_1524 IMG_1523


This building is easily accessible, and walking down to see it up close involved just a short hike.


IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1540

Be sure to check back for more in my abandoned buildings series!


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