Casey’s Adventure in Bull Riding

I met Casey during my first few weeks as a college freshman at Northern Arizona University. He is the type of best friend that you can call at a moments notice to go on any adventure. Casey and I are big rodeo fans, and have been to our fair share of rodeos together. Nearly a year ago we were en route to some adventurous location when Casey mentioned that he had always wanted to ride a bull. It was close to the time of the Prescott Rodeo, and he thought that maybe he would enter in that bull riding event. As the daughter of a long time bull rider, I am aware that the stock used at this rodeo is among the best in the nation, perhaps the world. Read: dangerous. I told him that there was no way I would sit by and let him do this for his first ride. I promised that I would look into finding a “gentler” first bull.



Not too long ago, I connected with a half-brother, Josh, that I had spent most of my life not knowing. Having been a PBR bull rider himself, we instantly bonded over our love of rodeo, among other things. During one of our first conversations, he mentioned that one of his cousins owned a bull company in town (K4 Bucking Bulls). Thinking back to my conversation with Casey, I couldn’t help but ask if there would be a possibility of getting Casey on his first bull.

A few weeks later…


Josh got Casey set up with gear and tips.


Getting a little nervous.


And then it was time…


IMG_5245-2 IMG_5246

Go Casey!


Sadly, Zorro the bull got the best of him, but he lasted almost 6 seconds!



Casey and Josh.



Thanks to my big brother for getting this all set up, and to everyone who came out last night to cheer Casey on! Thanks to K4 Bucking Bulls and Hogs N Horses for such a great time!



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