Drumroll please….

I present to you: BEAR!


Bear is a 3 year-old Boxer mix who is looking for his forever home. 



Bear came to live with us after his mom and dad (my cousin and her husband) found out that he was not welcome in their new military housing.


A little about this dog:

-he loves to run outside, and needs a home that can offer plenty of opportunities for exercise

-he is great with other dogs of all sizes (including our Jack Russell, Ava)

-he is good with cats, but depending on the cat, they may not be the fondest of him

-he loves to cuddle!

-he is a very big boy! (around 80 lbs)

-he has a crate, but will need to start over with crate training, as he is not too found of it

-he just wants to be with you!


Bear will be heading to our friend’s house for a more permanent foster situation, but if you are interested in this beautiful, and lovable dog please feel free to contact me.






2 thoughts on “Bear

  1. I did not know military housing did not allow dogs.I bet he is scared and confused and that is why he does not want to go in the crate. I have a boxer that requires so much exercise its amazing and shes just 10 months old and solid muscle from running across two acres.

    1. It depends on the location and the breed, but Boxers are usually not welcome, sadly. Yes, it must be very sad and confusing for him. Fortunately, he has been met with a lot of love!

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